John Walton’s Dog Training

Why Should You Choose John to Train Your Dog?

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Let the professional do it!

In business since 1979, John Walton’s Dog Training provides professional Hollywood dog training and puppy obedience classes in Sarasota, Florida. John, the owner, offers group classes, or we can come to you for private home sessions with your dog.

He provides a variety of classes, including puppy kindergarten, basic obedience lessons, intermediate and advanced training, K-9 college, and maintenance training. Classes include leash training and housebreaking using positive reinforcement.

Satisfaction is guaranteed for basic and advanced obedience training. Give John a call today to schedule your free consultation.

John Walton’s Dog Training

Dog Training Services

Group Dog Training Classes
Each class consists of a group of 10 to 12 people and their dogs. These classes are designed for teaching you how to train your own dog in a group environment. They cover basic obedience on leash training, including basic commands: heel, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, and stand. All nuisance problems will be addresses, as well as socialization skills. We use no treats here, just love and praise. It is a lot of fun for you, your family, and your dog. Group sessions are 90 minutes once a week for seven weeks. No aggressive dogs allowed in groups.

Group Dog Training Classes
These classes are designed for teaching you how to train your own dog in a group environment.

Puppy Kindergarten
Suitable for dogs ages 6 to 12 weeks, this is training for the puppy that has just been brought home.

Private Dog Training
Experience the convenience of dog training right in your own home!

Basic Obedience
Our Basic Obedience dog training is a prerequisite for all other courses.

Intermediate Dog Training
This course is for the dogs that are finished with basic obedience.

Advanced Dog Training
High School – Off leash training – 8 months old plus.

K-9 College
This dog training course is the polish for your loving companion.

Maintenance Dog Training
Available for all ages, this program is designed to keep your dog sharp as the years go by.

John Walton’s Dog Training

What My Clients Say About Me

Dear John, I just wanted to let you know how well Nikko is doing. I followed up on all the training you gave Nikko and he is doing great. I especially liked the way you trained with kindness and praise, instead of the harsh treatment some schools have. You were sensitive to the individual dog’s personality and adjusted your training in order to keep the dog’s personality intact. I liked that. Thanks again for all the good advice and the individual handling. Good luck in Florida. At least you will not have to train in freezing weather.


John was my dog trainer when I had a collie named Phantom. She blossomed under his training. She loved to please and while I worked her during John’s class, she would prance and be so proud. She learned quickly by the methods used and never forgot the commands. John was excellent with her, and she always responded to his extra care. She was a bit psychotic when it came to grooming, barking, and howling with just the bath, but would do better if John was there. Phantom came to love John and his family and thought they were part of her family. John also used some hand commands that have come in very handy with her as well as my current dog as they aged and became hard of hearing. Can’t tell enough of how John excels at training dogs.

Heather P