Meet John Walton

Meet John Walton, the owner of John Walton’s Dog Training in Sarasota, Florida. He has been involved in dog training for more than 35 years. John started out at the National Institute of Dog Training in Beverly Hills with Matthew Margolis. From there, he went on to work for the Hollywood Dog Training School under Richard Carl.

Training Hollywood Dogs
While living in Hollywood, he spent more than three years in the movie and TV industry, training dogs for Universal and Paramount Studios with Bobby Weatherwax, who was the trainer for the famous Lassie. John left Los Angeles as a licensed sentry and obedience instructor for the county of Los Angeles.

A Fresh Take on Training
Now a Sarasota dog trainer, John uses his talents and experience to provide a fresh, new look at dog obedience. This involves using love and praise designed to train your dog to his or her potential with the flare and experience that is second to none. John believes that building a working relationship between you and your dog is the best way to a perfect relationship.

image John and dog

Positive Reinforcement
Using love, praise, and affection with positive reinforcement as a tool of training will not only gain your dog’s trust, but it will also build a long-lasting, loving relationship. He absolutely does not use loud voices, hitting, or physical confrontation (militant training) while training your dog. He believes that most dogs want a job to do and that they want to please you. This is possible with the proper direction that comes with excellent training.