Training Services

Dog Training services

Group Dog Training Classes
Each class consists of a group of 10 to 12 people and their dogs. These classes are designed for teaching you how to train your own dog in a group environment. They cover basic obedience on leash training, including basic commands: heel, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, and stand. All nuisance problems will be addressed, as well as socialization skills. We use no treats here, just love and praise. It is a lot of fun for you, your family, and your dog. Group sessions are 90 minutes once a week for seven weeks. No aggressive dogs allowed in groups.

Puppy Kindergarten
Suitable for dogs ages 6 to 12 weeks, this is training for the puppy that has just been brought home. Puppy kindergarten classes cover housebreaking and leash-breaking training. We train you on how to be the best puppy parent possible and set your puppy up for success in life! We set the groundwork and foundation, while your dog is in its (learning to learn) stage of its life.

Maintenance Dog Training
Available for all ages, this program is designed to keep your dog sharp as the years go by. It is set according to the owner’s needs, and the goal is to keep your friend busy, happy, and full of life. Maintaining a healthy mental and physical life is key for your dog’s well-being!

Basic Obedience
Our Basic Obedience dog training is a prerequisite for all other courses. This is the foundation of your dog’s training and conditioning. This will set your friend up for the proper relationship you will need for a life of love and control that will last the dog’s life! Basic covers on leash commands (heel, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, off, stand stay, No as a correction). We will cover all nuisance problems (jumping, house breaking, biting, running away, digging, etc). We cover it all! There’s an answer for everything “DOG”. We will also focus on socialization and exposure.

Intermediate Dog Training
This course is for the dogs that are finished with basic obedience but are too young to go to advanced training. This builds on basic training and provides continuing courses that caters to the owners wants and needs to keep your dog sharp until (High School training).

Advanced Dog Training (High School – Off leash training – 8 months old+)
This course gives you what I call a verbal leash. The control you need in all kinds of environments, distractions, people, cats, other dogs, squirrels, kids, etc. This advanced dog training stops your dog’s predictable behavior in all areas of your dog’s life and changes it so there are no more problems. Yes, your dog can actually listen and not have to be leashed to get the response you need and that’s the goal behind the advance dog training!

K-9 College (the Ultimate)
This dog training course is the polish for your loving companion. It is the White Glove Service of dog training. It is designed to build off the foundation of basic and advanced dog training, with practical application to bring your dog to his or her full potential. We apply training to all aspects of life while loving your dog(s). Your dog can do it!

Private Dog Training
Experience the convenience of dog training right in your own home! Private lessons are exactly what it means. Your dog will benefit from these lessons that cover all your personal issues with your dog, focusing on your dog’s potential with personalized training. One on one gives you the individual attention to address your dogs every need. We teach you how to train your own dog under professional instructions. The courses we have available are guaranteed to get results.

They include:

  • Basic Course – Once a Week for 6 Weeks
  • Advanced Course – 12 Weeks at Home, as well as Public Areas Such as Dog Parks, Shopping Stores (Petco™), etc.
  • Full Course – Training Your Dog Completely, Professionally Teaching All Commands, & Eliminating Negative Issues. With love and praise, your dog can be taken through a course that will build your dog’s behavior to its highest potential as well as educating you to maintain your dog’s training and to make it a part of their life. Train the dog and teach the owner to live and work together. Nothing beats this extensive training program! Trained for you, by the best!