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John Walton client reviews & testimonials

This is to wholeheartedly recommend John Walton as an exceptional trainer for your dog. I had tried several trainers before coming across John. My dog’s progress had been marginal to that point, but John quickly helped my dog (and me) reach his potential. It is our loss that John relocated to Florida.

John’s training technique is based on praise, positive feedback, correction as necessary, and love for your dog. No clickers, no endless bags of dog treats. His training is immediately effective and quickly builds from one lesson to the next. A positive and constructive relationship between owner and dog is paramount to John’s training process. He is very effective with puppies as well as more mature dogs.

I selected the training option of John coming to my house for weekly sessions. This allowed individualized training and dealing with specifics of my dog’s needs and my questions as training progressed. John has a very personable and professional style and quickly builds a very positive rapport with both owner and dog. His broad background in training dogs over the years gives him a comprehensive toolset in addressing the needs and capabilities of any dog.

John is an excellent, results-focused trainer, and my dog Woofy and I have greatly benefited from his work with us. His move to Florida is Boise’s loss and Sarasota’s gain.

Virgel C.

I’ve known of John professionally for about 11 years, and personally for about 8 years. Being the manager of a large boarding facility in Boise, Idaho, I heard great things about John before I actually met him, from both owners of dogs we boarded at the kennel who he has worked with, as well as through the professional grapevine. I had the opportunity to meet him when he came to the kennel to work with a dog during their boarding stay, as I learned over time was his usual outstanding flexibility when working with people and their schedules. I was always amazed at his ability to connect with the dog he was working with, and how well the dog responded to his training methods of praise and positive reinforcement.

I later worked with John when I was needing training for my then 2-year-old male German shepherd. He had a way to make the theory behind his training make perfect sense to me, thus resulting in better communication between my dog and me, and leading to an eventual long and happy relationship of nearly 10 years for me with my dog. I appreciate how John was always available for on-going advice regarding my dog, and valued his opinion about all things dog-related. He has a gift when it comes to working with dogs, and I have been more than comfortable recommending him to boarding clients of mine who were looking for a trainer for their dog. I have received many thanks over the years from dog owners for getting them in touch with John. He is a joy to work with, and no doubt will be with anyone he works with in the future.

Becky K. / Gem Crest Kennels / Boise, ID

My husband and I inherited two 7 month old Italian Mastiffz when a friend passed away. The dogs were distressed and we needed help. My husband used John Walton for his Rottweiler years and years ago and was so impressed he tracked him down again. John came into our home and met our dogs, told us everything up front. What he would do and what he would charge.

John Walton is an amazing person, his skill with dogs is beyond description. I brag about him any chance I get. Walking around with two huge dogs straight out of Harry Potter attracts a lot of attention. I tell everyone about John, people are always impressed by how well behaved and mellow my dogs are. He also spends a lot of time teaching you how to train your dog so you can keep up everything he teaches them… Hands down the best money I have EVER spent!!! We love our dogs! And thanks to John, they are not only our dogs but they are true family.

Kelly M.

“John is simply the best! That is what our friends who recommended him told us. It is true. My husband and I have done both private and group lessons with him in Boise ID. John has trained dogs for many years, and knows how to teach you to train your dog. We have used other trainers, who were very good in their own way, but our super high energy chocolate lab who trained with John is the best trained of the 3 dogs we have had.

John’s emphasis that training is a part of the dog’s daily life, with love and praise, really works. He tailors his private training to both the dog and his/her humans, takes time so you understand the lesson and makes it fun for you and the dog! He has a contagious love for dogs and a unique understanding of them, no matter what the breed. Training your dog with John is an opportunity I would not pass up!“

Renee & Jeff

Dear John, I just wanted to let you know how well Nikko is doing. I followed up on all the training you gave Nikko and he is doing great. I especially liked the way you trained with kindness and praise, instead of the harsh treatment some schools have. You were sensitive to the individual dog’s personality and adjusted your training in order to keep the dogs personality intact. I liked that. Thanks again for all the good advice and the individual handling. Good luck in Florida. At least you will not have to train in freezing weather.


John was my dog trainer when I had a collie named Phantom. She blossomed under his training. She loved to please and while I worked her during John’s class, she would prance and be so proud. She learned quickly by the methods used and never forgot the commands. John was excellent with her and she always responded to his extra care. She was a bit psychotic when it came to grooming, barking and howling with just the bath, but would do better if John was there. Phantom came to love John and his family and thought they were part of her family. John also used some hand commands that have come in very handy with her as well as my current dog as they aged and became hard of hearing. Can’t tell enough of how John excels at training dogs.

Heather P.